Q- My Junk car has been parked underground for a very long time. I can’t get it started. The battery is dead. Will this affect my ability to get the maximum dollar for my junk vehicle?

Ans- Junk Car Boys are experienced Junk Car buyers near you and will come to you wherever you are. Regardless of where your scrap/junk car is located, whether it may be parked underground, we will try to get it started to move it from underground. If the car is completely dead, and if need be, we will tow it from underground hassle free. We have all the necessary equipment to tow and dispose of your scrap and junk vehicles. No, it will not affect your quote in getting the maximum dollar for your car.

Q- The junk car I want to sell, is mine. However, I can’t seem to find the ownership papers for my junk vehicle. I need to get rid of it and I really need the money. What is the best course of action for recycling my automobile?

Ans- Canadian law stipulates that, an ownership paper is a legal document which proves you are indeed the owner of the junk Car in question. When selling a junk vehicle, regardless of its condition, you must surrender the ownership to the buyer. In this case, the buyer would be us. Yet we understand that life happens. When selling a junk car, things can get misplaced and/or lost. We try to work with our customers to try and make the process as hassle free as possible. We will require a government issued ID, just to ensure that we are indeed dealing with the owner or authorized person . Furthermore, we will provide our customers with a bill of sale to protect all parties involved in the junk car removal process. Don’t worry; we have solutions for all of your concerns/problems, related to junk car removal, recycling and disposal.

Q- I have seen and researched so many junk car removal companies in Mississauga and GTA that also promise to pay top dollar. How do I know your company will pay the most for my unwanted scrap vehicle? What makes your company so different?

Ans-There are dozens of companies in the same area who are buying the junk cars and also claim to be best and give you highest payout for your junk car. We encourage you to call other junk car recycling companies. Ask for their prices, describe the condition of your scrap or junk car and be sure to ask if towing services are also included in their quote. Rest assured. We promise you, we will stretch your dollar and provide you with outstanding and honest service.

Q- My vehicle has extra add-ons/modifications that I have undertaken while the vehicle was in my ownership? What I mean to say is, if my vehicle has chrome rims, will that be taken into consideration when providing me with a quote?

Ans- Absolutely. When calling us, please be sure to include any pertinent information that can positively impact your quote. This includes any upgrades, modifications, or extra work that has been undertaken on your junk/unwanted vehicle.