Dispose and Get FREE Pickup with Instant Cash for Your Junk Vehicle in Port Credit, ON

For the past 5 years, Junk Car Boys have been serving the Port Credit community with their authentic and licensed staff. Our certified, professional team will pay cash for your junk vehicle. Junk Car Boys have reinvested their resources, by having a fleet of tow trucks and recovery vehicles. This investment will serve each and all kinds of car removal situations. By choosing Junk Car Boys, you will be assisted by a team of friendly and well-trained individuals, who will serve you efficiently and effectively. We will guide you through the simple process step-by-step, giving an instant quote as well. Junk Car Boys welcomes you and is prepared to fulfill each and every one of your concerns. 

Cash for junk cars free towing junk car removalWe believe time is money, which is why we are located in the city, enabling us to pick up your junk vehicle within an hour. If you are broken down on your driveway, on the highway, or in a parking lot, call your local trusted car removal company: Junk Car Boys. We understand that these vehicles can often become a hassle, so we offer quick service and cash for junk cars on the spot.

A popular keyword many companies use is “Top Cash for Junk Cars in [City[”. This can often be fraud or false information, as the companies can offer, claim and promise to pay thousands, but in fact they are looking to rip you off. However, Junk Car Boys understands that you are expecting cash for your junk car. We will offer the highest possible amount that we think is reasonable. We are fair and always will be, to avoid bargaining at your doorstep. 

You want to consider and deal with the best company who has experience and is local to your area. A licensed company that follows and comprehends all environmental protocols and regulations. Junk Car Boys is by far, the best company in this business. Receive cash for your junk car after we remove your old clunker sitting from your driveway. 

Junk Car Boys offer fair and reasonable prices for your junk vehicles. There can often be misinformation provided by companies in the market who are luring you on the internet, by promising you high and huge amounts of cash. Those prices are often too high to be true, but we have been in the industry for many years and we know and fulfill our clients’ expectations from us. 

It is extremely important to understand and accept how much your car will be worth. Unless you have an antique Mustang, common cars like Nissan and Hondas will have a lower worth. Even if you make calls to each and every car removal company in the city, Junk Car Boys will always provide you with the highest amount of cash for your junk vehicle.

The amount or worth of your junk vehicle will depend upon the metal price, which is weighed by a scale. This can often be a big variable regarding the price of old junk vehicles. In 2014, the average price of metal was $400/ton. However, these prices are constantly fluctuating internationally, making your junk car price change. The amount of cash that you will get for your junk vehicle all depends upon the metal price.

Covid-19 has affected everyone globally in various ways, including the metal prices. In 2020, the average price for metal is $100/ton, which depends on the weight of your car and how much cash you get for your junk vehicle. Despite what you might see on Google, Junk Car Boys promises you the highest amount of cash for your junk vehicle. 

Junk Car Boys is an authentic and honest service business. We pay cash for junk cars, but unlike our competitors we are looking to make money in an honest way. 

Our responsibility at Junk Car Boys is to understand what are clients need and expect from us. Your experience with us will be never forgettable, our mission is to offer service until our client is satisfied. Junk Car Boys is your local, professional, friendly and authentic Junk Car Removal Company in Port Credit. Please call us if you have any questions, and we would love to answer your questions.

Estimates are free so call or text 647 697 8179 if you are looking for cash for your junk car in Port Credit, ON.