Want Cash For Your Cars in Oshawa.  Junk Car Vehicle FREE pickup and disposal

Junk Car Boys pays cash for your cars and is a licensed and professional scrap car removal company.  With a fleet of tow truck drivers and recovery vehicles, junk car boys has been servicing Oshawa and the surrounding GTA area for over five years. We specialize in removing all types of vehicles and pay you cash for the removal of your junk car and offer free disposal and pick up. Our team of professional train drivers will arrive in a timely manner and pay you cash for your car. In order to get an instant quote, call or email us with the make model and year of your car as well as where it’s located. We will provide an instant quote and walk Through the process of having your junk car removed for cash.

Since our drivers are disbursed throughout the GTA and are likely very close  to you in Oshawa, Junk car boys can pick up your car within one hour in most cases. If your car is in a parking lot or at the side of the street or in your garage, and you just want to get rid of your junk car and earn some cash, give us a call or email us and we will offer you instant cash for your vehicle.

Cash for junk cars

There are plenty of companies that can offer you money in exchange for your junk car in  Oshawa, and if you open the Internet and Google cash for cars in Oshawa, and other keywords, you will get a long list of companies. One of the ways in which Junk Car boys Differentiate ourselves from our competition is that we pay the highest cash for your junk car. In addition to that we stick with our quote and not try to rip you off by offering you less money. As long as your car is in the condition you have mentioned, we will honour the quote we have provided you.

We understand that you want to deal with the best company with professionals that are from your local area and earn cash for your car from a licensed scrap car company that is following all the environmental protocols and regulations laid out by the ministry. These are the basic points that you as a customer should demand from your junk car removal company.

Customers should be aware of a lot of miss information and half truths that are spread through the Internet about the junk car removal market. There are companies that will lure you in by offering you thousands of dollars for your scrap or junk car, most of the time these prices are too good to be true. Junk car boys has been in the junk Car removal business for many year and  will offer  you a fair price for the removal of your scrap car.

Antique Old Car Scrap Car Removal – Cash For Your Antique Old Car Junk Car RemovalThere are customers that think their car may be worth a lot more money, and sometimes that can be true especially if you have an antique like a 69 Mustang or something similar. However if you have a Nissan Altima or a Toyota Corolla, and you were expecting thousands of dollars, it is likely not going to happen.   Order to earn the right amount of cash for your junk car, you need to provide the pertinent details and understand that you will be given a fair quote based on the type of car you have.

The  way that junk car removal companies or scrap car removal companies make money after they’ve paid you cash for your car is by selling the precious metal inside the catalytic converter as well as by selling the actual weight of the car to a scrapyard. If the metal prices are fluctuating wildly, prices for your scrap car can also change. On average metal price in 2014 for precious metals was around $400 per ton and at that time you could’ve expected a higher amount of cash for your car.

In 2020 we are all aware of how COVID-19 has had an effect on the commodity market and on the price of precious metals. These days the metal prices are around $100 per ton and therefore the cash you  get for your car may be lower.

At Junk Car Boys we understand the needs of our customers, and we take it as our responsibility to educate you on how the junk car removal business works and how you can earn cash for your car. It is our mission to ensure that you are satisfied with the professional service as well as earning cash for your car in Oshawa.