Get FREE Pickup and a Disposal of Your Junk Car With Our Car Removal Services in London, ON

Here at Junk Car Boys, for the past 5 years we have been serving our community of London with trust, ensuring we give back in an eco-friendly way. We pick up any and all types of vehicles, no matter what the condition is, including many vans, SUVs, pickup or forklift trucks and even machines. 

We give CASH back, for your car removal. Unwanted cars? WE want them. Hand it in to Junk Car Boys and earn a fair amount of money into your own pocket, for any old, rusted cars that you want to get rid of. 

We make it our first priority to ensure that potential environmental hazards are never to occur. By removing an old vehicle that is sitting on your driveway, it will not only provide you more space, but will also be a good decision to make for our environment.

Junk Car Boys follow the strict environmental code of vehicle recycling. The pollutant can often contaminate the soil, so we recycle the entire car at the facility near London, ON.

By respecting and understanding all regulations and protocols, all of our fluids are 100% drained in a careful manner. The metal is shipped to steel mills, immediately after being shredded. We are the leaders in car removal service and dealing with end-of-life vehicles is what we are here for and best known for.

Junk Car Boys is a licensed and authentic company. Our car removal process is easy and hassle-free, with our well-trained representatives to efficiently and effectively assist you. It starts by giving us a quick call or by filling out our free online quote form. This is why we have thousands of loyal and happy customers.

Only in London, ON: Get CASH For Your Scrap or Junk Car

Car removal is our specialty and we offer a FREE towing service with a fair price. Schedule the pickup of your scrap or junk vehicle after accepting the quote from us. 

Here at Junk Car Boys, we are flexible and compliant, making a turnkey experience for all of our clients. We have the capability to briskly remove any unwanted vehicles, from anywhere at anytime. 

We make it our prime concern to always be available, especially when others say no. Our professional staff of certified and experienced pickup specialists are prepared to check and remove your vehicle. You will also receive CASH on the spot, making us the best car removal service that you can call. 

Junk Car Boys will always have a green thumb. That is why we guarantee to be careful and aware of our surroundings. Oil leakage and spills affect our environment and soil greatly, which is why we always leave with a clean site.

We do most of the work, making your visit to us effortless and rewarding. Provide us your keys, license and registration and watch the magic begin. First, you will receive cash on the spot. This will relieve your worrying about this unwanted vehicle. We are open seven days a week and we are your local car removal service to best serve you and your needs. 

Having a vehicle that is still drivable, has valid insurance and license plates on it should be the last of your worries. If you would like to drive your vehicle to us, we offer an extra $50-$70. We appreciate your effort in driving your scrap or junk vehicle to us.

There are various ways of reducing your impact on the environment. In a positive way, scrapping your car will not only be beneficial to the climate but also to you, when you generate extra cash. Pick Junk Car Boys as your car removal company in London, as it is authentic and licensed. By choosing us, you will not only get a fair amount of cash in your hand, but also be ensured that your vehicle is being treated, processed and recycled in the proper and correct way.