Scrap Car Removal Services in Waterloo, ON with FREE pickup and disposal of your scrap vehicle

Junk Car Boys, located in Waterloo, ON specializes in dealing with scrap cars and providing you cash for them. Simply contact us by email, text or 647 697 8179 to be paid the highest CASH possible for your scrap car. 

By trading in your scrap car for cash, Junk Car Boys will give you the highest cash possible. A fair and honest quote, before we arrive to pick your vehicle up. We charge no cost or extra fees to  tow away your scrap car. 

Our years of expertise in the car removal industry has made a huge impact on our customers. We conduct ourselves in a trustworthy, authentic and truthful manner at all times. Junk Car Boys treats each and every car and customer in both a fair and environmentally friendly way. We are proud in our business and value our integrity deeply.

Junk Car Boys is a simple phone call away. Our understanding of our customers’ needs in the industry is better than anyone else. Our experts provide and fulfil the needs of our customers with a quote unlike any other.

Our Junk Car Boys Car Removal has a simple 3 step process for you to follow:

Step 1: Get a FREE Quote by Contacting Us

scrap car Removal Quote

Provide us with all the information about your vehicle, including the make, model, year and condition. We will give a quote of how much CASH we can pay for your scrap car. 

Step 2: Get Your Scrap Car Picked Up by Our CERTIFIED Tow Truck Drivers

We have a professional and friendly staff of tow truck drivers who will come to pick up your scrap car, with no additional charges or fees, from wherever you are located.

Step 3: Collect Your Cash

Before towing your scrap car, our tow truck driver will put cash in your hand. 

If you are thinking to get rid of your scrap car in Waterloo, ON than you are in the right place because Junk Car Boys can help you with:

  • removing your scrap car by offering FREE towing 
  • help you to donate your old car
  • offer you the highest CASH value possible for your scrap car.
  • friendly and courteous tow truck drivers to remove your scrap car from Waterloo, ON

Do you want to earn cash for your scrap car in Waterloo,  ON because it is:

  • costing you too much to repair
  • hasn’t being driven for months
  • it is old and rusty
  • damaged from an accident
  • taking up space
  • has mechanical or electrical issue

Junk Car Boys is the number one car removal service in Waterloo, ON that can pay you the highest cash for your scrap car.

We give FREE quotes, so call or text us at 647 697 8179 if you are looking for local, authentic and professional scrap car removal in Waterloo, ON.